A healthy mind: The need of the hour

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Our minds are an integral part of our well-being. Often, we ignore it and focus on distractions around us instead of facing our feelings, accepting them, and working on them. The saying rightly goes — a healthy mind begets a healthy body.

The pandemic has played a part in influencing the condition of our mind, heart, and the social standing of many. Some have been impacted economically, experienced the loss of loved ones, changes in lifestyle, and disruption of the routine that was set prior to the tiny virus that is taking over our world. There has been a tremendous decrease in physical activities such as walking, meeting friends, and other sports events.

Staying indoors has not been an easy task especially for children and adolescents. We have lost almost two years, and lockdowns have resulted in this segment of society being exposed to excessive use of technology and a sea of vast knowledge at their disposal through the internet.

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Marina D'Abreo
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Marina D'Abreo

Marina D’Abreo worked in the banking and insurance industry for 10 years. She has had training in Montessori, and child psychology with NHCA.