Poets & Poetry

A letter

Dear brothers,
Remember the time when we were a joint family?
Society called us ‘cousins’
But I always had two brothers.
We three stood together
Scaring that society
And its beliefs.
Remember how you guys acted as my bodyguards?
‘Cause I was your little princess.
I still am.
But in this chaos of life
We lost our way home
Our childish innocence
Faded to face the harsh adulthood.
Remember those night walks
Which had so many memories stored in it?
Those three stars
Aligned in a straight line
Twinkling in the dark sky
Spreading their shine.
Facing infinity
And always together.
Do you remember
How we compared ourselves with those stars?
Though they were miles far
Sometimes even today,
Ten years later
If I see the night sky
Those three stars are still together
While we are apart.
They wink at me
‘Cause they remember us.
But do you?
Purnima Gera (17)
Shivalik Public School, Patiala