A Prophet Never Dies! A Tribute to Fr Varghese Alengaden

Varghese Alengaden at Universal Solidarity Movement in INdore

The unexpected and sudden demise of Fr Varghese Alengaden, the founder of the Universal Solidarity Movement, in Indore on 26 March 2023, has created a huge vacuum in the world of peace-lovers. Fr Alengaden always believed in the power of youth in building a country of peace, acceptance and love. His personal goal was acceptance, appreciation and promotion of all persons and their cultures.

In 1993, as the country was facing the ugly demons of religious intolerance and communal violence, he felt the urgent need to begin a crusade with all
like-minded people which he named as the Universal Solidarity Movement. He truly dreamt of a world where people of all creeds, colours and countries live in love and peace. Over the last 30 years, he has motivated lakhs of students, teachers, religious leaders and social activists with his vision and his mission.

His prophetic life was based on a broad and lasting vision. A prophet can never die, his far-reaching vision, his exhilarating words, writings and soul-stirring songs will continue to inspire many more in the days to come. The fire he lit will continue to burn in the hearts of millions in India and abroad and take ahead his lasting legacy.

“A great soul full of love and hope,
Dreamt and worked to knit us in this beautiful globe
Struggled, smiled and stayed despite life’s steep slope
Your life and legacy are a gift to us
You said, “Become a brighter light to cope
And see possibilities even if there’s no scope.”
Olivia Kusum
Young activist of Aspire to Inspire, Rourkela, Odisha
“He has left a legacy of building a civilization of love through inter-faith harmony, motivating and training young people to become changemakers in society and transforming the Church as salt and light by following the way of Jesus.”
Jacob Peenikaparambil CMI
Co-founder of USM
“Fr Varghese was a karma yogi, a true leader. He taught me how to live with a purpose larger than oneself. His vision for universal solidarity and brotherhood will always continue to inspire me.”
Yash Chowdhary
A young active USM participant, Delhi
“His life was like an open book. Everyone who came and met him were truly enlightened and transformed like an iron getting transformed into gold.”
Mrs Anie Pawar
President of USM
“Fr Varghese was indeed a dynamic priest and a prophetic voice of new vision for India and the world. He mobilized the team for this great vision with people of all religions and cultures.”
Dr (Fr) Tom Thakadipuram
“Completing his mission here on earth in 70 years; this unique, original, creative and dynamic visionary prophet, prolific writer, motivational speaker and fervent Gandhian, walked untrodden paths, introduced incredible, innovative ideas; adventurous plans, values and new age ministries; celebrating the gift of life all along.”
Dr (Sr) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ
Sophia College, Mumbai
“He inspired millions of young people to live a true life: true to humanity and the Constitution of India. I have known him for 35 years. He was an incredible man.”
Shri K.J. Alphons IAS
Former Central Minister, Delhi
“Fr Alengaden was a great admirer and supporter of The Teenager Today. He always encouraged us and promoted the magazine whenever he could. With great respect and gratitude, we salute this great soul of India. His passion for peace and solidarity will be carried forth with commitment and loyalty by his followers. The sun has set to rise again in thousand sunrises tomorrow.”
Vincent Carmel
Editor, The Teenager Today
“His message of lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness will stay with me forever. Losing him feels like a great loss, but his legacy will continue to inspire and guide me, as well as many others, in the future.”
Divij Srivastava
Young USM member, Mumbai