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A truly free nation

I sat for long to ponder
How the ideal nation looked, I wonder;
Engulfed into my thoughts with dreamy eyes,
Soon the ‘free nation’ I could picturize.

Where the deprived hold their heads high,
Where little eyes think of the sky,
Where man-made barriers do not segregate,
United and prosperous, the nation’s trait.

No matter to whom you pray, warm hearts welcome,
Where mutual help thrives, narrow clutches overcome,
Where trust is not adventitious,
Where people are not lethargic, ambitious.

Where the fair sex need not worry about the length of her dress,
No matter the time, she can walk,
No matter the sex, she can talk.

My dreamy eyes opened to dust,
In a land where brothers don’t trust,
Today we sit free yet enslaved,
For true ‘freedom’ this nation has for long craved!