Adree Das: New Horizons Scholars School, Thane, student tops CBSE 2019

Adree Das with his mother
Adree Das with his mother

Adree Das, a student of New Horizons Scholars School, Thane, scored 497 marks out of 500 claiming for himself the top position in Maharashtra in the CBSE 2019 Examinations held in March, this year. He shares the top position with two other girl students — Datree Mehta from Reliance Foundation School, Koperkhairne, and Deepsna Pande from Apeejay School, Nerul.

New Horizons Scholars School, being one of the regular subscribers to The Teenager Today, we visited the School and met Adree, congratulating him on behalf of our readers, on his achievement. Adree has been a student of the School from grade 5, and his Principal and teachers say that he had shown signs of being an exceptionally talented student from his very early years, and always had the “earnest desire to do better than the best.” Excerpts from the interview we had with the topper:

You had been a student of the New Horizons Scholars School, for six years, now. Do you think that the School played an important role in your achievement?
Definitely! Our school has always taught us students that good education plays a crucial role in building a bright future for us. Moreover, the school has provided us with a healthy competitive atmosphere to shine in every sphere of activity: be it academics, sports or any other extra-curricular activities, giving all the students equal opportunities to realize their true potential, and to excel in everything, especially in our studies, while imbibing good values in us for life. The management, the Principal and all the teachers leave no stone unturned in working towards this direction. This has highly motivated me to excel in my studies and to obtain the highest possible marks in the Board Exam.

How did your family respond to the news of your achievement? I guess they too played a major role in your journey to the victory stand.
I am the only son of my parents. My father works abroad, and most of the time, he is away from here. Both of them were extremely happy to receive the news of my topping the Board Exam. However, my mother who is my real inspiration and constant motivator was especially happy and excited when I broke the news to her. In fact, she had set the target of 99% for me, and this has motivated me beyond measure, to achieve the present score.

To whom would you dedicate this achievement?
Most evidently to my mother, as without her standing by me I would not have been able to achieve it!

How about giving a few tips to our readers preparing for their Board Exams next year?
Keep a target for you right at the beginning of the new academic year: i.e., right now. Keep reminding yourself, every day, of the target you have set for you. Studying and becoming a topper is your first priority, now. Everything else should take a back seat, at least for the moment. Work hard, believing in yourself that it is within your reach. I did not go for tuitions for any subject as I believed I can do it myself.

What was the last book that you read before you started preparing yourself for the Board Exam?
I did not read any particular book during the months, immediately preceding the Board Exam. But I always loved reading books (“He is not a bookworm, either!” adds his teacher standing by), as it is one of the best hobbies I can think of. I will now catch up with my reading, soon.

Are you going to continue studies from New Horizons Scholars School?
No, I am not. But in the heart of hearts I will always remain part of New Horizons Scholars, as the School, my principal and teachers have given me so much that I can never repay. All the more so because I belong to the first batch of students passing out of the school. I will always hold the banner of New Horizons, Thane, very high!