Airborne insights during the Pandemic

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We are eagerly waiting for the Covid-19 episode to get over and return to normalcy. Or is this going to be the new normal? Coronavirus, in one way or the other, is entwined with the element of air. Now masked noses are the most common sights covering up some hidden airborne insights.

Be free of prejudices and biases, as the air.

The air does not know what prejudice is. It is least bothered about the size, the shape, the colour of the noses. It respects all varieties of noses. It happily journeys inside every type of nose, male and female alike, belonging to a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Tribal or a Christian nose. For the air, a nose is a nose is a nose. And the air it sends to every nose is fresh and pure. It has been like that from the time air was. It behaves like God who too transcends all religions. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that such a freeing and all-embracing attitude will enhance the quality of your immunity to fight viruses.

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