Alankars — The Riyaz Manual

Cover of Alankars - The Riyaz Manual

Whether you are a beginner in music or a seasoned musician who needs to continue honing your art, Alankars — The Riyaz Manual by Ranjani Gehani is really useful. Practising these alankars will help a student to gain a good knowledge of the swaras, will also help in RaagVistar, Taan, train the vocal cords and improve tonal quality. For instruments, it improves the fluency in playing them.

The book is filled with musical knowledge and is a compilation of 2541 alankar/paltas/swar patterns. It’s a reference book, the ultimate handbook for riyaz/practice for singers and instrumentalists. All possible combinations of 1 to 5 swaras have been compiled into Paltas and presented.

Says Gehani: “The book is the culmination of seven years of dedication and hard work, which started when I was on the hunt for a reference book on Alankars. Having not found anything that covered all Paltas, I decided to pen one myself”.

The book has been enthusiastically welcomed by renowned musicians who have praised it. It has already received a lot of recognition, from those who used the book for practice. It did so well that the first edition was sold out, and a second edition was released in July this year.

Available on You can also visit Ranjani Gehani’s Facebook page.

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