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All I need is you…

by Kavya L. (18)
Vidya Mandir Ind. PU College, Bangalore

Here I sit alone.
Deep inside my heart is the agony,
Which is heard by none.
That’s her nature, thought many.
But you left me,
Knowing everything,
Leaving me heartbroken.
All of a sudden we became strangers,
Who knew each other well.
Time heals everything, they say.
I am scared that it will erase me from your mind.
Don’t you feel my heart
Which is still in love with you?
Eyes craving for your presence,
All that I have is the pain without you.
Here I sit alone
Waiting for you to come back
And forever together will remain.
Here I wait,
Let it take years and on.
My life moves with the memories,
That you left behind.
No matter what made you depart,
All I need is you, my sweetheart.

This poem has been published in the September 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.