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All is not lost

We now wake up to a world filled with despair,
A place where the virus doesn’t care.
What once was a fairy land now is destroyed,
A place so empty and alone, you feel the void.

All you can feel is distress and all you can see are tears,
Memories and recollections never to be forgotten over the years.
Laughter and smiles being so rare,
All happiness and joy are left somewhere.

Much is lost and life seems disrupted,
It is hard to let loved ones go,
And even harder to cherish memories and grow.
But is it impossible to find hope and faith?
And is it terrible to smile as better days are awaited?

Life must go on and challenges must be confronted,
What hope and faith was lost, must be hunted.
So trust in the Lord at any cost,
As all is not really lost.