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Am I loved?

by Anushka Praveen (14)
De Paul School, Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

The moment I think about you

I go to another world.

A world where you love me too,

And where I can never be hurt.

The truth is, I don’t know what to say,

My mind goes completely blank,

I have never in my life lost my way,

But my life with your love simply sank.

If letting go was a choice,

Then I definitely would.

But I can’t control the strong voice,

That’s telling me I never should.

I have no clue

On how I should let you go

What is it that you do?

That’s making me love you so?

Maybe loving you isn’t a mistake.

Maybe I can close my eyes and smile.

Maybe in your presence my heart wouldn’t break.

Maybe I can just dream for a while.

I sometimes wonder if you feel the same,

I wonder if you think of me,

I sometimes wonder if you silently call my name,

I wonder if you’ll ever see.

In the beginning I thought it was fake,

I didn’t think I would go this far.

I thought it was just a mistake,

Now I can’t stop wondering where you are.

Do you care?

Do you even know?

Will you always be there?

Will you ever let me go?

If for any reason I cried,

Would you take all the pain away?

If for any reason you lied,

Would I still want you to stay?

My love for you is way too strong,

For me to simply forget.

Some people might think it’s wrong,

But your love is the only thing I shan’t regret.

This poem has been published in the November 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.