Andrew John De Sousa: 2018 Goa Board SSC topper

A student of Don Bosco High School, Panjim, Andrew John De Sousa always wanted to secure a rank in the Goa Board SSC examination, the results for which were declared recently. And maintaining his consistency, he bagged the first rank in the SSC examination 2018.

Hailing from a family of doctors, Andrew wants to pursue Economics or Law. According to this topper, to secure a good rank one should get one’s basics right in the first place. For Andrew, education is the interplay of intelligence and character besides building a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities.

In the interview below, he talks about his preparation strategies and the importance of developing a proper schedule.

Andrew John De Sousa, 2018 Goa Board SSC topper

Whom do you credit for your achievement?
My sincere gratitude goes out to my parents, sister and family for their constant support. I would also like to thank the teachers of my school, Don Bosco, Panjim, especially my Principal and my Class X teachers, who left no stone unturned to see their students reach the heights of success.

What helped you to achieve this feat?
I would say “quality and quantity” and I believe that consistent study with full concentration, as well as sufficient rest and relaxation are very important. I also revised the portion multiple times and solved model papers which helped me a lot.

Did you expect to top the SSC examination?
Not really. I expected around 95% to be honest, but I am thankful and it is indeed a blessing from God that I stood first in the State.

What message you want to deliver to SSC aspirants?
Work hard consistently and give yourself frequent opportunities to relax your mind. Also a distinction doesn’t necessarily translate itself into Science. Subjects under Arts and Commerce too have viable career prospects.

Which career do you plan to choose?
I am looking towards Economics or Law as an option for future studies having opted for Arts in Class XI and XII.

Your most memorable day at school?
My most memorable day at school was the Annual Day 2016-17 when I was in Class IX. We put in a lot of effort and hard work and it turned out to be a huge success. It was also a learning experience as it was my first time acting in front of such a large audience.

Who is your role model?
No exact role model as such but people striving for peace, justice and unity with a smile on their faces, celebrities or not, are inspiring.