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Are we alive?

Every day, we wake up from the bed
With an arduous routine within our head,
We are all running after success
And putting away all our happiness.

Knowledge becomes a burden to us;
Our childhood is already sucked,
Society will look at us with contempt
If we will fail to achieve excellence.

Dark spots under our eyes are evidence of oppression
We are trapped in the suicidal web of depression,
Parents are humming after us to make the best in the tribe
However, parents do not ask if we are alive.

We can sacrifice everything we have
To prove ourselves before the world as a champ,
Love, faith, relations are nothing but a cheese of life
We can surrender all because we are not alive.

We always look at the scattered opinions of society
Have no time to sit back and check the heart’s morbidity,
The heart’s desire is brutally crushed by the eternal rules
Just close your eyes and feel your heart vibes.

Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Are we alive?’
It seems that we are giving shape to another’s life,
We forget to smile, forget to breathe
We don’t give our life a little time to ease.