Are you a Fighter or a Quitter?

Illustration of girl with sword and boy running away

How do you react when the whole world seems to be ganging up on you? When your world seems to be falling apart? Do you stand up and fight back or do you collapse like a house of cards? Take this quiz to find out. Read the questions carefully, then answer “T” for True, “F” for False or “U” if you are Undecided.

1. At present you are working towards at least one important goal in your life.

2. Your romantic history has never been a pleasant one.

3. You suffer from a phobia or phobias (like a fear of enclosed spaces) which prevent you from doing the things you love.

4. You have problems in expressing your anger.

5. You can say with confidence that you are not a quitter.

6. The best antidote when you are bored is a quick, short vacation.

7. You can honestly say that you love/like yourself.

0. T F U

1. 2 0 1

2. 0 2 3

3. 0 3 1

4. 0 3 1

5. 2 0 1

6. 3 1 2

7. 2 0 3

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