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Aspire to overcome

A dream is a journey which leads us to our target,
If denied of it, we are forced to suffocate.
I want to live my dream of becoming a soldier,
And free my country from Illiteracy, not external power.
Illiteracy is a dreadful curse:
Fell upon the poor; the rich surpass.
The people who strive to live, and often sleep hungry!
They think getting educated is a luxury, not a necessity.
My dream is to make them aware,
That education and food are two buds of a stem;
After all, an educated mother’s child is never an illiterate.
They know that without education, their child has little chance.
Taking advantage of this illiteracy, generation after generation,
One human exploits the other, for the difference is the qualification.
Our education system is rusted with inequality;
My ambition is to clear up this disparity.
People who are constantly fighting for the right to education,
I want to be their comrade and build an equality-embedded nation!
I aspire to see my country filled with fraternity…
So I am focussing on my career, to turn my dream into reality!