Baffling start-up ideas — Sheer genius or what?

Everybody gets ideas, whacky or otherwise, but not all of us take them seriously and bring them into the limelight. This month we’ll look at some totally crazy start-up ideas. You decide if you’re impressed or not!

Boy with fractured leg lying down on couch with a get well soon potato parcel
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Surprise with a potato!

Why write an email or letter to someone when you can send a message through a potato? Potato Parcel is a company that specializes in printing your custom messages on a potato and sending it to your loved ones for a fee. Can’t think of an inspirational message special enough to inscribe on a potato? No problem! The company’s website provides message ideas to borrow. Interestingly, the person who receives the potato parcel will not have a clue who sent it, so that can only add to the dumbfounded surprise!

Rama Ramesh
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Rama Ramesh

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