BARC scientists develop cancer drugs from Rampatri

Rampatri anti-cancer drug

Scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, have developed two anti-cancer medicines from the fruit extract of the Rampatri plant, which may help destroy tumours and revive cells damaged by radiation. The Rampatri plant, used as a spice in foods, belongs to the Myristicaceae family and is found in western coastal region of India.

BARC Radio Modifier (BRM) protects normal tissues while cancerous cells are destroyed during radiotherapy while BARC Radio Protector (BRP) will help reverse the effect of radiations if a ‘nuclear accident’ takes place.

The scientists tested the medicines on mice and found that they may help in treating lung cancer and neuroblastoma, a rare cancer found in children. In neuroblastoma, cancer cells grow in nerve cells of adrenal glands, neck, chest and spinal cord.