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Be the one

Things don’t go the way you want them.
But it’s always good.
All you have to do is close your eyes,
And believe it will be good.
People change with time;
You know it really well.
All you have to do is
Just change as well.
You are not the one
Who deserves this pain.
If you ever cared for someone,
And it all went in vain,
Don’t worry. Don’t feel bad.
Don’t cry. Don’t be sad.
It wasn’t your fault,
You loved them a lot.
Don’t worry. You weren’t wrong.
All you have to do is pray to God.
It’s your life, you deserve to be loved.
Not by others, but by yourself first.
Just know it, life is beautiful.
Once you love yourself before others.
You’re the one who deserves your love
Rather than the person who hurt you.