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The beauty of nature

by Angelina Christi (16)
Sophia School, Ajmer

Nature has a beautiful heart
To love her, you’ve to listen to her heart beat.
To experience her elegance,
You’ve to adopt her secrets… love, peace and patience.
She is a bunch of beautiful flowers with a smell that brings joy to us,
She can set a sky aflame at sunset,
She can paint a marvellous rainbow in the sky with each colour adoring her beauty.
The reddening of the sunset tells us the day has ended
But each day with every sunset she tells us that the chance to live is more.
Through every storm she creates a fear within us, a fear to lose her
With every rain drop she brings joy and happiness to those who listen.
She can bring a lot of happiness and beauty within our lives
There is so much of beauty around us to see, touch and feel
Rather than appreciating her elegance, adore her, and love her.

This poem has been published in the April 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.