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Pammi was celebrating her tenth birthday. She invited her friends, neighbours, classmates, and many others. All of them were enjoying the party. Suddenly Annie felt that her costly dress had not been considered superior to that of others. Her ego was hurt and she was disturbed. After dinner, Pammi’s mother was to serve delicious milk, but Annie went to the kitchen and squeezed a lemon into the milk. After the sumptuous dinner, what came to the table was sour stuff. The whole party turned sour and all returned home unhappy.

Obviously everyone, from a great scientist to a 10-year-old like Annie, knows that a few drops of lemon juice can turn an entire container of milk into sour curd.

Our country is a beautiful, democratic and secular country. We are free to preach, practise and propagate any religion. This is guaranteed in the Constitution of India. The majority of us are Hindus, a good many are Muslims, many are Christians; but together we are all human beings, children of the same God and children of our Mother India. All is well in our country except for a few religious fundamentalists and some other spoilsports with the attitude of the sour Annie in our story. They cannot simply see and enjoy everything going smoothly; they cannot see others being happy. Therefore, they brainwash people, form a group and act! They disturb the peace thereby quenching their thirsting and selfish ego.

Together we are all human beings, children of the same God and children of our Mother India.

Religious fundamentalists are like terrorists. They may save animals like cows, but they kill human beings, pull down religious and sacred places and build cemeteries, ultimately for themselves. The present beef chaos in Dadri has left people in confusion. They wonder whether to pray for the conversion of the religious fundamentalists or to pray that all human beings may be converted into animals?

Being human beings, irrespective of our religion, we cannot afford to torture and kill innocent people who are the image and likeness of God. If there are such people among us, they can be called the cruelest of wild animals, because they are stuck in that kind of small and most selfish animal world. In fact, their capacity to reason is inferior to that of a wild beast. Their heart has no space at all for love and kindness.

Dear friends, I hope that you will not allow your brains to be washed with such filthy muck, but rather with the holy water of unity. May your hearts not be ruled by your ego and hatred, but rather by love and peace. Let us not forget to pray for these “wild animals”, lost in their small world and lost to their human identity.