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How many of us really believe that our belief systems are at the core of our behaviour, our thought processes/thinking patterns, our life experiences (positive or negative), our outlook towards the world and our overall personality make-up?

Well, belief systems are the greatest contributors to our personalities which manifest themselves in various aspects of our life. Some might say that our experiences create our beliefs. However, the real fact is that our beliefs create our experiences and these experiences further strengthen our beliefs and the process goes on and on and a time comes when we start saying: ‘My beliefs are based on my experience’ which itself is a self-defeating belief.

Let’s look at some of the beliefs people usually hold:

  • Everyone in this world is selfish, hostile, etc.
  • It’s very difficult to earn money.
  • All rich people are evil.
  • Nobody loves me.

All such beliefs, or let’s call them ‘limiting beliefs’, pose numerous hurdles to our progress as well as our psychological well-being. Now don’t start blaming yourself for all the limiting beliefs you hold till date because you are not solely responsible for this. It is the conditioning of mind that takes place at a very young age when we have little or no control over what messages get engraved into our subconscious mind through our parents, teachers, peers and the society at large, and by the time we are old enough to realize it, we have already become slaves to our belief systems. We hardly take any effort to change them or rather we do not get guidance from the right people who can help us reframe our beliefs in the right direction which would ultimately enable us to make the best out of our life.

Here is our chance to change our beliefs in the right direction that will enable us to unleash our potential and relieve ourselves from the unnecessary stress. What we are going to do here is to align our belief systems with that of the universe and for this to happen, let’s first understand how the universal system works.

Universal system works on energy or the ‘Law of Attraction’ which many of us know from the book Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It works on the principle of ‘like attracts like’ or ‘positive attracts positive’ and ‘negative attracts negative.’ But there is a much deeper meaning to this principle. For example, saying ‘I want more money because I don’t have enough money’ will never help you attract money because the basic underlying emotion here is negative (I don’t have enough money) and based on the law of attraction a basic negative emotion can never attract positive things in our life. So it would be more appropriate to say ‘I have enough money and more and more of it will flow towards me.’ Here the basic underlying emotion is positive which is bound to attract positive things in life.

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