Poets & Poetry

Believe me

by Nikita Tewari (16)
St Mary’s Convent College, Nainital

Believe me, I’m trying to forget you
Devastating the memories that were so true
Indulging in the present, away from the past
Confining in darkness the emotions so vast
Piercing each thought of love and concern
For happiness of past will unfortunately not return.

Believe me, I’m trying hard not to weep
Curbing my feelings so dense and deep
Retrograding from every promise of love
Searching you nowhere among the stars above
Trampling every belonging of yours
Somehow trying to survive in this utter chaos.

Believe me, I’m getting through the vast lane of your memories
Immersing no more in your escapist fantasies…
Cursing every comfort that you ever showed
And fleeing from our promises old.
Your unending thoughts I’ll soon erase
No more I’ll claim your memories the same.

Believe me, I’ll soon weaken my love for you
Your endless traces will vanish too.
Each day will end in a dark night
And so will our malice overpower the sunshine bright.
Turn back and you will see I am gone
Leaving no footprints in the sands of life beyond.

Published in the December 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.