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Beneath the skies

She lived across the street,
The girl with the hazel eyes
She walked with her dainty feet
Under the morning skies.

I never really talked to her,
Just shared a shy smile
After all we both did seem to prefer
Silent conversations across the mile.

You must have known the girl
She was the perfect kind
The one who could make your heart twirl
Beauty and brains combined.

I didn’t know of her muffled cries
Of how she faked a grin
That she had more lows than highs
And more losses than wins.

I had no knowledge of her loneliness
Of her battle against the universe
I had no knowledge of the constant distress
Of how her life was a curse.

Beneath every smile was a tear,
Beneath every laugh a scream.
She ended her nights with a quiet prayer
For death, as her life was a nightmare not a dream.

Away she learnt to ease her pain
With the blade as her guide
She cut herself near her vein
Which under the band aid she did hide.

That night it all came together
The pain, the anguish and the anger
This time the sharp end met the vein
The blood flowed until it stopped her brain.

Her forced breath now stopped,
And finally she felt at peace
And now as the last of her blood dropped
She felt liberated and at ease.

She lived across the street,
The girl with the hazel eyes
The dainty feet now didn’t move
‘Cause she lies beneath the starry skies.