Teen Point of View

Blue Whale Challenge: Fighting online menaces

NOVEMBER 2017 TOPIC: The Blue Whale Challenge encourages teenagers to harm themselves and has claimed young lives all over the world. What should teenagers do to fight such online menaces and help their friends who may dare to play such harmful games?

Teenagers play these games when they feel depressed, tensed and want to end their lives. They don’t understand how to tackle their problems. First of all one should discuss their problem with family and friends. None of the problem is big enough to cost one’s life. Moral support from loved ones may help a person to come out of such menace. One should always remember that the Almighty has given us life to achieve something worthy and we have no right to destroy ourselves. Obstacles are part of life. So instead of completing the challenges of such stupid, fake games, it’s better to deal with the challenges in real life and succeed. So stay cool and be happy.
Divyakriti Masaun


Indeed, games such as the Blue Whale Challenge are harmful for teenagers. Many children have lost their precious life because of this cruel game! Not only India but many other countries have fallen in the trap of this game. Some months back, it was the Pokemon Go game which shook our country. In that game too, many teenagers lost their lives or injured themselves. The solution to avoid the danger of such games is, not to give your personal details to anyone on any website. In today’s world most online activity is not fully safe. We must understand what is good for us and what is not. And, we must avoid becoming the victims of such games.
Sejal Khanna
Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Mumbai


Though the perks of the internet, the younger generation benefit unquestionably; but it also involves many serious dangers like the Blue Whale Game, which took the lives of many young people! To prevent such menaces, we should be extremely careful while choosing to download any app. We should be thorough with the apps terms and conditions and know what the app will access on our gadgets. Apps always ask permission to access data on our mobile phone which we accept without reading it. We should read them and after a prudent consideration only we should accept them.
Tanya Agrawal (15)
St Francis Convent Inter College, Jhansi


The Blue Whale Challenge is the rage this year. Teenagers often think that dying is as simple as playing snakes and ladders, or because the adults do not believe in “counselling” even for psychologically disturbed kids. Whatever the reason, the youth of today need to stand up for each other. We can conduct group activities that involve everyone so as to keep each other away from unhealthy games. Regular counselling sessions should be conducted to understand and help the students especially the disturbed ones. As friends we can confide in our parents or teachers on finding that a friend is having suicidal thoughts or he/she is indulging in harmful activities. Teenagers need to be safe and help keep each other safe.
Adeen Wagle (14)
Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School, Kalina, Mumbai


Teens are vulnerable targets of social media. They should be careful while getting involved in such games which force them to harm themselves, the worst being the Blue Whale Game. Users, especially teenagers, should be cautious before sharing any personal information such as profile photos, phone numbers and addresses because such things give cyber criminals the chance to bully and threaten teenagers. They should be more careful as their online footsteps can be tracked. It is important that parents teach their children about safe online browsing and should also monitor their kids’ activities.
Apurva Luthra (14)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra


The Blue Whale Game, until now, has been successful in claiming the lives of many youngsters. Reports have shown that usually these victims were under some form of psychological issues like depression or wanted to prove themselves. These suicides would have never happened if the children were open about themselves. Teenagers go through a very unstable journey, and the problem starts when they think that they are alone in the world. Everyone must have at least one person to whom they can talk to. They must realize that no game is worth their precious life. Friends and family of such children must make them aware of such fatal games and give them emotional, psychological and moral support.
Gouri Basavaraj Indi (18)
KLE Society’s Lingaraj College of Arts & Commerce, Belgaum


Teenagers should avoid such online games by reduced usage of social media and internet activity. Social media was created to bring lives closer and shorten the distance between friends. I am not suggesting banning social media but at least not to make it addictive in your daily routine. Parents play an equally important role in this. Teens should use their mobile phones under parental supervision and avoid unknown links shared by unknown or even known people. Also, teens should not fall prey to peer pressure as sometimes friends pressurize teens to play such hazards games.
Vatsala Atri (13)
St Francis’ Convent Inter College, Jhansi

The most probable reason why a child would even attempt to play this game is because he/she is going through depression. The consequences of the game do not scare him. Thus, it is extremely essential to identify signs of desolation in your friends and peers; then subsequently, either inform an adult or help them get out of that state. If you are the one tempted to give up your life with a stupid and inhumane challenge, DON’T. You are only encouraging the pitiless and callous creators of the game. As for your emotional and mental health, suicide is never a good idea because it is irrational. The world needs you, things change over time, you are strong and there are a lot of good things in store for you.
Krisha Shah (16)
Gokuldham High School, Mumbai


The Blue Whale Game has claimed many young lives all over the world. The majority of those who play this game think that they are smarter and that no one can harm them and they dare to play the game. Those who get trapped in this game should inform their parents or sign out the game. They should ignore the deceitful calls which make them follow the tasks given by the admin. The assistance of parents and teachers should be sought.
Asmita Pamdey (12)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra


Those who are drawn to play such games may be going through psychological issues like lack of focus, interest, feeling inadequate or incompetent. Such individuals are lured towards challenges which give them a sense of purpose while defying the socially accepted norms which they may have failed. The victims may have got involved with the game out of curiosity, but find themselves being psychologically manipulated into continuing with the tasks. Unable to recognize the harm it was causing or scared to share the details of such games, either due to fear of being judged or lack of support, they become easy targets and victims.
Ananya Mohan (13)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra


The most controversial game of the day is the Blue Whale Challenge. Depressed teenagers are the victims of this game. In India, many have committed suicide due to this game. So, what should be done to protect the youth from this deadly game? We should go for games that benefit us and never go for those which ask for personal information. If you have been trapped in this game then you should take help from a guardian or a counsellor. Besides, if you see anyone indulged in the activities of this game then you should inform those responsible and rescue that person.
Alisha Agarwal (15)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra


The Blue Whale Challenge was a craze for teenagers for some time. But when they heard the news about this game, 90% of them became aware of the threat of it. But still there are some who dare to play it. Students should address this topic in their group discussions and speak about the menaces of it. Nowadays what friends say is considered as the word of god, and no one neglects it. Counselling also can help; but there are those who do not listen to anyone. For them there is only one way — keep mobile phones away from them.
Sejal Shingne (15)
Fatima Convent School, Achalpur