Poets & Poetry


Watching you drift away from me,
I sit back, letting myself break down into tears.
Although it stings; “It’s alright”, I say.
My heart aches
To know that you’ll never cherish your existence the way I do.
So, after all these bitter phases of you and me,
I need you to promise me,
Please, promise me for this once,
That even if you feel like it’s all collapsing out of your hands,
Even if you find yourself scattered
In despair under the cold moon,
You’ll know how it feels to become stronger,
You’ll never thrash yourself away,
Never blame yourself
For not being able to fit the “perfect” criterion
In someone else’s eyes.
Promise me,
That you’ll never think low of yourself.
Promise me,
That even if you are not perfect,
You’ll know that you’re beautiful in a unique aspect.
Make a promise
To let the parlous memories fade away,
But to hold on to the lessons they traced behind.
Promise me,
That you’ll always remember that self-love isn’t selfish.
It’s a virtue you have to shower yourself with,
To keep moving on.
Let’s weave an enduring bond,
A gratifying promise to love each and every shade of ourselves.