Bonjour smart clock brings AI to your mornings

Bonjour smart clock

Bonjour is a smart alarm clock that doubles as a personal assistant. Powered by AI, it monitors your daily activities to make the most of your day. Bonjour integrates with your calendar, allowing her to automatically set your alarm. If she notices that your usual route to college/work is congested with traffic, she’ll wake you up earlier so that you arrive on time. Voice recognition capability lets you ask Bonjour to check the weather, news or even let you sleep in a little longer! Bonjour can even act based upon conditionals. E.g., if you tell her to wake you up for a jog in the morning if the weather is good, and she notices that it’s raining, she will reset the alarm and let you sleep in. Private video messages can be sent to your Bonjour, which you can only discover when you go to bed or wake up. Her Sleep Sensor gives you insights to help improve sleep routines; lets you wake up to your fave song or charges your devices via its USB outlet. The assistant can also tell you if you haven’t reached your workout goal for the day via integration with health and fitness apps and it can tie into any smart home devices.