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Young woman protesting with a Dalit Lives Matter poster

“It’s positive! You are advised immediate follow-up treatment and total isolation,” came the expected message from the Covid-19 test centre! This was followed by loads of advice from friends, family members, doctors, nurses, and the like. “Inhale steam, gargle with saline water, take good rest, sleep well, take vitamin supplements, do breathing exercises, and bathe in plenty of sunshine,” etc., were some of the well-meaning but repeated instructions. All these were intended at one single programme: Boost your immune system to fight and conquer the obnoxious virus that can attack and destroy the cells on some of your vital organs.

Today, as the whole world is battling the deadly virus, we stand in need of a greater moral and spiritual force to fight and conquer various types of evils that threaten the existence of human family. The pandemic teaches that the world needs a renewal, a rejuvenation, and a resurgence from its moral and spiritual degradation.

1. Immunity against the Pandemic of Injustice

Injustice is the violation of the right of a person or group of persons. Justice calls for equal opportunity and treatment of every citizen before the law. Everyone has a right to one’s human dignity: to profess one’s faith, to work and earn decent wages, free speech and movement, right to education, food, etc. When any of these rights are denied to someone, it amounts to injustice.

Unfortunately, injustice is rampantly on the rise in our own free society. Due to prevailing caste system and the unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities, the poor and the less-privileged are often unjustly exploited and oppressed by the rich and the powerful. Injustice is meted out to the Dalits and the poor by the upper class and the ruling class. It is blatantly clear that in recent times, even the courts of law in our country award two sets of justice — one for the elite and another for the poor and the weaker sections.

We need to boost ourselves with the power to stand for and fight injustice wherever it is found. It develops in us from a daily dose of our own awareness of what is the value of human dignity.

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Joe Eruppakkatt
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Joe Eruppakkatt

Joe Eruppakkatt, a former editor for ST PAULS Publications and The Teenager Today, has been actively involved in the field of print media in India, the U.S., Great Britain and Nigeria. He is currently working for ST PAULS, New Delhi.