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Born to succeed

Born to succeed
Life is full of loss and gain
True! Just understand, don’t take the strain.
Babies fall a hundred times
Bell of success, to them chime.
Why not by them we be inspired
Work and work, do not get tired.
When there is darkness
Dare to shine a light
And make your success bright and bright.
Get rid of depression, worry and fear
‘Cause success is so often so very, very near.
No matter what people think of you,
Their negative thoughts would disappear
Like morning dew.
Let failure not tie you down
Let not disappointment let you frown.
To be successful we need to go through pain,
Remember! Life is a journey of loss and gain
What I believe is change to change,
Failure and success are all in the same range.
I think everyone is born to win,
Winning will surely bring on our face a grin.
Success is not all about fame and money,
Success is not always as sweet as honey,
Life is a blend of success and failure,
Success is born from failure after failure.