Bouncing back from the Pandemic

Young girl with flowers emerging from her mind signifying mental health
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As the pandemic swept over the world, country after country, first wave, second wave and so on… one thing was clear, whether 6 or 60, life was getting tough and uncertain.

Children were not able to go to school, friendships had become just fond memories, loneliness and stress were creeping in at alarming rates, sitting long hours within the confines of four walls and in front of the computer screen was becoming more and more depressing, and jobs in many sectors were dwindling.

In the face of this reality, once again we humans proved our mettle. Our determination and will-power proved stronger than the virus. We were not only able to defeat the virus to a great extent with vaccines but were able to find silver linings, positive impacts and happy moments in the face of the pandemic. Spending more time with parents and siblings, eating well, learning new skills, taking up interesting hobbies were becoming more and more enjoyable.

Cover of the January 2022 issue of The Teenager Today

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Lata Roy
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Lata Roy

Lata Roy is the Vice Principal of Naipunnya Public School, Kochi, Kerala.