Broken trust

Breaking trust is a norm
Every relation is torn
When people show their form.
The time came in my life
When friendship was torn in strife.
In spite of warnings,
I proceeded with faith every morning.
Then one day, trust was broken,
And I was shaken.
How hurt it feels,
When true faces are revealed.
Everything seems to be fraud
Under whose pressure I fear to drown.
Now, emphasizing my feelings in silence
No desire I have thereby for vengeance.
Now hot and cold seasons
Compel me to think for reasons.
Why is trust betrayed?
And relations are destroyed?
They say, trusting completely a person
Either gives you a person or lesson for life.
And I got the latter
I got the lesson for life.
Broken trust thus closes the heart here
With time the greatest healer
Until new trust and faith is found once again.