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By the darkness and the light

I sat outside one starry night
And gazed up at the sky
The moon I saw was full and bright
The stars all scattered by.
And as I gazed, I wondered
How different the world now seemed
For all was dark and quiet
Unlike the gold and the green.
But still as darker grew the night
The golden memory faded
And upon the lashing waves now danced
The silver, calm and shaded.
The night had spread her arms,
For all were deep asleep
When from a distance came
A sigh, a mournful weep.
I sat upright and searched
Not a single soul in sight
But for the dancing waves
All a blur of blue and bright.
I walked towards the shore
Confused and lost in thought
By now the sea was calm
The distant weep too faint.
And then it all made sense;
The night was an escape
Alone, far from the crowd
A place for falling tears and hidden anger
All in hopes to be cured by the darkness and the light.