Cakes are important today; they were important then! Ancient Celts rolled cakes down a hill and if it remained unbroken after the journey, it was good fortune. Cakes — they deserve to be known a little more!

Female guest sleeping with fruitcake under her pillow
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Fruitcake and wedding bells

Fruitcakes have a long and undoubtedly delicious history. It goes way back 2,000 years ago when the Romans made it with raisins, pomegranate seeds and pine nuts mixed up in a barley mush. Here’s something interesting: A well-preserved fruitcake can be eaten even after 25 years. In England, unmarried wedding guests were encouraged to sleep with a fruitcake under the pillow so that they could find the person they would marry in their dreams. Who knew fruitcakes had such powers!

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