Celebrity handbag inspiration

Looking for your perfect bag? Steal these handbag ideas from your favourite Bollywood celeb!

Janhvi Kapoor carrying a sling bag

Girls always want a nice big wardrobe with a number of choices. But just clothes and shoes aren’t enough for us. We also need the perfect bag to go with all our looks. Obviously, we cannot own a bag for each and every outfit we own. A smarter option is to own one of each type of bag that we can pair with all our looks. We have days when we need a bag to just do its job and carry our loads of extra stuff, and on other days, we want it to be just another accessory to accentuate an outfit. Our B-town celebs are the best when it comes to fashion so why not take some inspiration from them? Our favourite Bollywood celebs have amazing taste when it comes to fashionable bags.

Sling Bag

Janhvi Kapoor likes to keep it light and easy. You won’t catch her carrying big bags very often. She clearly loves to keep it basic and easy with her simple and small sling bag. She always carries a small-sized bag that can accommodate her essentials like her purse and phone, we suppose, but nothing too much. It’s a great idea to carry something simple and hassle-free that doesn’t get in your way.

Sara Ali Khan carrying a pink see-through tote bag


Sara Ali Khan’s see-through tote is our new favourite bag these days. When you need to carry many things and want to keep them protected from unexpected showers, a transparent tote is a great choice. A thick see-through bag made of a good quality waterproof material is perfect for the monsoon season. It’s big enough to carry your books and laptops and other essentials while you head for your college classes or to work.

Ananya Pandey carrying a backpack in Student of the Year 2


Ananya Pandey, our cute little newbie star, loves a cute backpack. This adorable, Student of the Year 2 actress has been spotted around the town carrying a small cute backpack that can fit a little more than the basics. Take notes from her and pick a medium-sized bag pack in your favourite colour. The best part about it is that you don’t have to carry it on one shoulder or struggle with it hanging low on your body. It’s in a firm place on your back and it’s very comfy and hassle free.

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