Change Your Life… One Resolution at a Time!

Illustration of young people carrying out their resolutions
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As the clock strikes 12, the calendar resets and a new chapter is unveiled. Here are 12 resolutions that can help you revamp your life this New Year.

January 2024: The Healthy Wealthy Way

“Eat healthy, think healthy, and walk healthy.” Start right by speaking kind words that make you love yourself and others. Live the healthy way, work out and practise gratitude.

February 2024: Go Spick-and-Span!

Declutter your home and workspace, especially the digital space. Tidy your email inbox, organize files, and unsubscribe to unnecessary notifications.

March 2024: Penny Peaks

Identify your wants and needs. Take control of your finances, save more, and eliminate debts to become independent, secure and stable. This will widen opportunities for future endeavours.

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Azelia Carvalho is an author, poet and data analyst.

Azelia Carvalho

Azelia Carvalho is an author, poet and data analyst.