Change your thoughts, change your life

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The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life! Positive and empowering thoughts, emotions, and feelings create energy in our body that makes us happy and joyous. They create a spring in our steps and stimulate us to move in a positive direction. Negative and disempowering thoughts, on the other hand, create inertia and force us to stay stuck.

Our thoughts manifest in physical reality through the actions we take. Which means that if we wish to change our physical reality, we must begin by changing how we think. The good news is that our minds are fully equipped and willing to adopt any changes that we may bring about in our thinking patterns. A simple change in perspective can make a world of difference.

You don’t need to force yourself to make deep inner changes. You can choose to change your thoughts, beliefs and perspective to something more useful that empowers you.

Here’s how you can give a positive direction to your life:

1. Examine your current beliefs. Are your current beliefs holding you back? Are you certain that the things that you believe are true? Are you aggressively and enthusiastically pursuing your goals each day? Everyone has limiting beliefs. What are yours?

Remember! Your beliefs are like your software. If your software is faulty, you aren’t operating efficiently. Examine each belief you have and determine if it is serving you or holding you back. Look at your behaviour for clues regarding your internal thought processes. What must you believe to be behaving the way you do?

2. Choose beliefs that help you create the results you desire. When you change your thoughts and beliefs, your habits will change, too. When the things you do each day are altered, your results are bound to be altered.

For example, if you believe that you are an average student, you will take actions based on your imagined potential and create the results to match that. Poor results will further fuel your belief that you are an average student. And the cycle will repeat itself.

On the other hand, if you believe that you are a bright student, your actions will reflect your beliefs and you will create the results to match that belief. And your results will continue to move you in a positive direction.

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Nidhika Bahl

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