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Childhood nights

During these lonely nights,
I go for a stroll in the woods
The dark helps me think,
Remember our lost childhood.

It was here we used to frolic,
Irrespective of the time
Oh, how quickly things change
Shorter than a lifetime.
All what’s left,
Are the remains of a tree
Which we used to climb,
Our kindred spirits free.

The woods are now silent,
Spare the hooting of the owl
The chirp of the cricket
And the fearful wolf’s howl.

Oh, how I miss those days,
When we had no fear
The untamed came and played with us,
As if we were their dear.

It’s strange how the forest
Feels so much like home.
Not wanting us to leave,
Letting us free roam.

The leaves drift gently,
In tandem with the breeze
Creating a melody so sweet,
Giving the mind a tease.

I wonder why we ever left,
A place as beautiful as this
It has enough to please us with,
Enough to keep us in bliss.

But such is human nature,
Running after material things
Thinking that with money,
They can live like kings.

Why can’t we all come back,
Away from the city lights,
Relive those forgotten moments,
Enjoy these childhood nights.