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Do Chinese products affect the Indian economy?

DECEMBER 2016 TOPIC: Do Chinese products affect the Indian economy? If so, what remedy do you suggest?

In order to make our economy strong, we need to consume our own ‘desi’ products. In addition to that, we have to increase exports. We should research means and ways to make our products cheaper and widely available without compromising on quality. Unnecessary imports from China should be stopped and indigenous production encouraged.
Anushri Shukla

Of course, Chinese products are affecting the Indian economy to a great extent. Chinese products are very cheap and are mostly of poor quality as compared to Indian products. And due to their low price, they are much in demand, and have badly affected Indian industry. A huge fall has been noticed in Indian textiles. I would suggest boycotting Chinese products till our Indian industries flourish.
Divyakriti Masaun
Sun International School, Jhansi

Yes, Chinese products have adversely affected the Indian economy. Be it any product, you will find the Chinese version of the same in the Indian market at a lower price. The ‘Made in China’ label is slowly capturing every segment of the Indian market. India must find ways to reduce the import of Chinese goods. The government should encourage local small business enterprises to reduce foreign goods in the market. The best remedy is the one started by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi — ‘Make in India’, which encourages companies to manufacture the products in India itself. By following this initiative, we can bring about a big change in India’s economy.
Vishakha Keswani (18)

Chinese products affecting the Indian economy has become a hot topic of discussion today. By using Chinese products, we Indians are somehow draining our economy. The profit made by India through Chinese trade is very less as compared to profit made by China. This is disadvantageous to a developing country like India. According to me, it’s high time for us to take action. A boycott of such products is the solution to this issue.
Sanvi Sharma (14)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

India is a rapidly-growing market. Different countries around the world are interested in taking advantage of this scenario. Our country is not ruled by foreigners, yet a massive amount of wealth is being drained away from our country by foreign companies. China is one of them. It is their third class products that are otherwise of no use to them, that reach India. A boycott of every Chinese product would not only help keeping India’s wealth in India but also help the cottage industry to flourish. Therefore the economy would improve.
Deepakshi Sood (16)
Mount Carmel School, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Buying of Chinese products does affect the Indian economy; if we buy any Chinese product the revenue goes to the Chinese government rather than to the Indian government. Also several artisans as well as small cottage industries lose their source of income. A good measure against the sale of Chinese goods is that people should be encouraged to buy Indian products and not Chinese products. If possible Chinese products should not be allowed to be sold in India. Banning of Chinese products is the most effective way to prevent sale of those products.
Senjuti Saibal Bhattacharya (17)
St Joseph’s High School & Jr. College, Navi Mumbai

China is India’s largest trading partner. China can make anything from toys to electronics at prices no one can match. For Indian consumers, it will be quite hard to find alternatives for these goods. Chinese firms are the dominant producers of a number of goods in the Indian market, like computers, phones, integrated circuits, factory machines, networking equipment, etc. If we want to reduce imports from China, we should strengthen our manufacturing units and support entrepreneurs.
Adya Singh (12)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra

Yes, Chinese products do affect the Indian economy. To remedy the situation, the public have to buy Indian products and the government should take steps to improve the quality of Indian goods to make them durable and less costly, so that people will be confident enough to buy them. This will help India to grow and develop its economy.
Sanaya Zubin Bulsara (16)
St Joseph E.T. High School, Bilimora

The ‘Made in China’ label is gradually taking over every sector of the Indian market. Our own manufacturing units may have to shut down. This is practically slaughtering the Indian economy. I feel that a boycott of Chinese goods is not going to make Indian products cheaper and competitive. People in India may not be able to buy expensive jute bags, but they will be able to afford Chinese polybags. Instead of a boycott, support Indian organizations with the goal of capacitating them to compete at a global level. This is the need of the hour.
Krisha Shah (15)
Gokuldham Jr. College, Mumbai

In spite of abundant natural resources and the huge manpower in our country, it is only pathetic that India imports products like crackers! This affects the Indian economy on the global front and renders many Indians jobless. Importing indigenous products from developing nations will raise their economic status and procuring goods from China will increase their economy. Proper education of the masses will give birth to more Amartya Sens and make people economy-savvy!
B. Hemavarshini (16)
Avila Convent M. H. S. School, Coimbatore

The dragon has undoubtedly clutched our consumer goods market with its attractive yet affordable commodities; from toys and gadgets to ornamental articles and a myriad of products. As far as the remedy is concerned, we must set aside our material instincts and selfish motives, and stop buying these products. We have to rekindle our spirit, listen to the voice of our conscience and then I am hopeful, we shall surpass every adversity to the growth of our great nation.
Anchitshivam Sharma (18)
St Xavier’s College, Nevta, Jaipur

Chinese goods are slowly replacing indigenous goods and might even eat away the entire Indian market. China is encouraging terrorism in Pakistan by supplying arms and ammunition. So it seems morally correct to boycott Chinese products. But this doesn’t really help! We ought to make our domestic producers self-sufficient, flood Indian markets with indigenous goods and ban the smuggling of goods from China completely. I would say, Chinese goods do affect our economy but India can neither ban nor boycott products until we become self-reliant.
Aadya Bhardwaj (16)
St Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Yes, they do affect Indian economy. No doubt Chinese products are cheaper than Indian products which allure the Indian mentality to purchase goods at a lower price. The ratio of Indian and Chinese export is 1:40. Even after so much of ‘Say no to Chinese products’, people are still drawn to Chinese goods. Chinese products have a sway in the Indian throng and have been able to usurp Indian pockets. The solution is either to increase exports from India or stop purchasing Chinese products.
Deepanya Saxena (13)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra

Goods imported from China cause harm to the Indian economy. The only solution is to impose a ban on foreign goods not only from China but also from other nations. This can be done by the combined efforts of the government as well as the citizens. This will bring prosperity and India can achieve better growth and development.
Kanvika Sharma (15)
St Angela Sophia School, Jaipur

The use of Chinese goods has undoubtedly reduced the pressure on the common man’s pocket but at the cost of the Indian economy, not only by reducing its GDP but also by acting as an obstacle in the growth of employment. Dependence on Chinese products has damaged the Indian economy. Our government should work to enhance the advancement of Indian goods, affordable yet of a superior quality. People should be encouraged to use native goods. The rate of export should be twice the rate of import to maintain a balance in our economy thereby making it stable.
Akshita Agarwal (18)

China has invaded almost all sectors of the Indian market and seems to be bringing tougher times for Indian industries. Small Scale Industries (SSI) contribute 35-40% of the total manufactured products in India. It is the SSI which suffer the most because of Chinese goods. Many of the industries have closed down near Mumbai and many are unemployed because of the increase in purchase of Chinese goods. We should not allow China to dump their produce in India and take a resolution to buy only Indian products.
Meemansa Sharma (12)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra

China is producing every little thing from a needle to huge machines. They are produced on a large scale and exported to India. Though Chinese products are low in quality and durability, they attract a lot of people because they are very cheap. This needs to be stopped. Our Indian industries should be motivated with low interest loans and machinery, but this can be possible only when all Indians are determined to take our country to greater heights.
Nehal Joshi (15)
St Angela Sophia School, Jaipur