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Collateral damage

by Oindrila Sil (15)
Loreto Convent, Asansol

Their cries rang in my ears every day.
Their faces haunted me every night.
My guilt consuming
The feigned peace in my heart.
I looked at them. Into their eyes.
There was helplessness in them.
They knew that I could help them,
And so did I.
Maybe I was too busy sheltering myself
Or maybe I couldn’t care less
At that moment.
And just when I got myself to safety
And let out a sigh of relief,
Destiny decided to put an end to their pain
And set them free forever…
Now when I walk down those streets,
The scars of my heart burn again
With the pain I’d left those folks to suffer
And I realise the collateral damage I’ve done
To myself…
To my soul…

This poem has been published in the April 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.