Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Nails painted in ultra violet shade holding a nail polish bottle

Since 2000, Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour, has been declaring a ‘Colour of the Year’. Every year, twice a year, the company hosts a secret two-day meeting of representatives from various countries in one of the European capitals. During this meeting they decide the Colour of the Year for the following year. In 2017, the Colour of the Year was Greenery. It was inspired by nature and hence the name. It was a yellow-green shade that was appreciated a lot by designers, but somehow this colour wasn’t one that suited everyone.

Lipstick in ultra violet shade

This year the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 is… *drumroll* — Ultra Violet! It is a bright purple shade that suits anybody and everybody, something that every designer will love about this colour. So here’s how you can incorporate Ultra Violet in your wardrobe and life this year.


Make-up is a good way to start incorporating the colour in your wardrobe —lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows and what not. A bright bluish purple shade of lipstick would look great. This shade is available online on Pick the shade called ‘Disorderly’ or ‘Violet Voltage’ in the line of lipsticks by NYX. You can also get a nail paint of that colour from the same site. You can pick a close colour from Nykaa’s own line or from Revlon.

Girl with hair coloured in ultra violet shadeHair colour

So many of us love experimenting with hair colour and this is the shade you can play with this year. 2017’s colour could not be used on hair because, well, it’s Greenery! Enough said. But this fine year the colour is a shade of violet and what else do we need? Global, highlights, ombre or dip & dye, you can do whatever you want with this colour and your hair, if you are one of those who love colouring their hair. It seems like a bold move and fashion colours are but somehow dark shades like purple are LOVE!

Sunglasses with ultra violet lenses

Eye wear

Purple sunglasses? Yayyyyyy! Blues and purples in sunglasses look amazing for some reason. Shades in violet look pretty cool! So be bold and pick out a pair of funky Ultra Violet sunglasses to go with all your outfits this year.

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