Colour me coral!

Just like every year, Pantone has decided that the Colour of the Year this year is… Living Coral! Living Coral is a mellow pinkish orange shade. I’ve never been a fan of orange but Living Coral is different. It’s the kind of shade you wouldn’t mind having in your home decor or in your wardrobe. I’m pretty sure the guys wouldn’t be fans of this shade. “It’s girly,” they would say; but hey! It wouldn’t kill them to try and add a little pop of colour to their wardrobes.

Here are a few ways you can add this colour to your wardrobe this season.


The market is right now overflowing with lipsticks and eye shadows and nail paints in this shade. Living coral really just adds a pop of colour to your look. Make-up is a nice way to test the waters and see if this colour is meant for you or not. I’m wary of trying out new colours because not all colours suit my skin tone. The same goes for all of you. Not every colour suits everyone unless it’s black or white or purple or red! So, don’t get tricked by this colour. Start simple, with maybe a nail paint or a lip colour.


Shoes are a nice way to incorporate this colour in your wardrobe. Keeping in mind that this colour is mellow yet pastel, keep your outfits plain when you add this colour to it. If you pick a pair of loafers or heels in this colour avoid too many other colours in your outfit. Make sure that Living Coral by means of footwear adds a pop of colour and not chaos! Wear a pastel grey, white, nude or beige outfit to go with it. You could experiment with monochrome and Living Coral too. Remember that you will have to plan your outfit around your shoes. And this goes for any colourful shoes that you pick. The key to success is, plan your outfit around your shoes and not the other way around!

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