Competition Corner: January 2020

A. Current Affairs

Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards 2019

1. Name the pop star who broke Michael Jackson’s record for ‘most wins of all time’ at the 2019 American Music Awards.

2. Name the chess player who beat Viswanathan Anand at the 2019 Rapid and Blitz Chess tournament.

South Korean film, Parasite

3. Which South Korean film has been submitted for the 2020 Oscar Awards?

4. Name the authors of the book The Case That Shook The Empire.

5. Who is the newly-elected Sri Lankan president?

6. On which writer was bestowed the Jnanpith Award for 2019?

7. Name the most advanced earth imaging satellite launched by ISRO.

1. Taylor Swift
2. Magnus Carlsen
3. Parasite
4. Raghu and Pushpa Palat
5. Gotabaya Rajapaksa
6. Akkitham
7. Cartosat – 3

B. General Awareness

1. Rome is situated on the banks of which river?

Hagia Sophia in Bulgaria

2. The Hagia Sophia is found in which city?

3. Mary Todd was the wife of which American president?

4. Which former ruler of Zimbabwe died in 2019?

5. Ellen Ripley is the protagonist of which movie franchise?

6. Which famous European mountain name means ‘white mountain’?

Illustration of the serpent, Vritra, in Hindu mythology

7. In Hindu mythology, who defeats the serpent ‘Vritra’?

8. Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi are scripts used to write which Indian language?

9. Which fast bowler’s biography is titled Menace?

1. Tiber
2. Istanbul
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Robert Mugabe
5. Alien
6. Mont Blanc
7. Indra
8. Punjabi
9. Dennis Lillee

C. Logical Reasoning

A word has been given, followed by four other words, one of which cannot be formed by using the letters of the given word. Find this word.

a. Comment
b. Normal
c. Mandate
d. Mention

2. Recreation
a. Torn
b. Refer
c. Action
d. Nation

3. Premonition
a. Monitor
b. Promotion
c. Mention
d. Ration

4. Organization
a. Nation
b. Grant
c. Recognize
d. Satan

1. b.
2. b.
3. d.
4. c.

D. One word Substitution

Illustration of judge's hand banging a gavel

Capable of being judged – Judicable
Relating to administration of justice – Judicial
Having sound judgement – Judicious
To settle by judicial decree – Adjudicate
Throw a case out of court – Abjudicate
Biased, damaging, without proof – Prejudicial

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