Competition Corner: July 2019

Azim Premji with his son Rishad Premji

A. Current Affairs

  1. Who is going to take over Azim Premji’s mantle as Executive Chairman of Wipro?
  2. Who is the Home Minister of India?
  3. Name the Defence Minister of India.
  4. Name two of the judges recently elevated to the Supreme Court.
  5. Who won the 2019 French Open Men’s Final?
  6. Name the ex-CIA officer who was recently given a sentence of 20 years in prison.
1. Rishad Premji
2. Amit Shah
3. Rajnath Singh
4. A. S. Bopanna, B. R. Gavai
5. Rafael Nadal
6. Kevin Mallory
A scene from the movie Kesari

B. General Awareness

  1. Which cartoon character’s brother is called Castor?
  2. Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha?
  3. Tribhuvandas Patel is associated with which famous dairy brand?
  4. ChCh is the abbreviation of which city?
  5. Who manufactures the 737 MAX aircraft that was grounded across airlines recently?
  6. Who was the first sitting member of the U.S. Congress to be voted President?
  7. Kesari is a movie about which famous last stand?
  8. Who wrote The Beautiful and the Damned?
  9. Kiev is the capital of which country?
  10. ‘.bs’ is the Top Level Domain for which country?
1. Olive Oyl
2. G. V. Mavalankar
3. Amul
4. Christchurch
5. Boeing
6. James Garfield
7. Saragarhi
8. F. Scott Fitzgerald
9. Ukraine
10. Bahamas

C. Logical Reasoning

1. If a year starts on a Saturday, then what is the maximum possible number of Mondays in that year?
a. 53
b. 51
c. 52
d. None of these.

c. 52

2. A train covers a distance between station A and station B in 45 minutes. If the speed is reduced by 5 kms/hr, it will cover the same distance in 48 minutes. What is the distance between station A and station B?
a. 40 kms
b. 80 kms
c. 60 kms
d. 50 kms

c. 60 kms
Illustration of peas in a pod

D. One word substitution

Unerring, incapable of mistakes – Infallible
Seasonable leafless – Deciduous
Pod-bearing – Leguminous
Long-lasting – Perennial
Of different colours – Variegated

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