Competition Corner: June 2019

Japanese Emperor Akihito with Empress Michiko

A. Current Affairs

  1. Name the cyclone that wreaked havoc on the coastal districts of Odisha.
  2. Name the Emperor of Japan who recently abdicated.
  3. Who won the recently-held 2019 Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament?
  4. Name the youngest Indian to cross the 2600 points in chess.
  5. Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
  6. In which constellation is the spiral galaxy found?
  7. In which place in the U.A.E. is the first-ever Hindu temple to be built?
Water Lilies

B. General Awareness

  1. Monégasque refers to a native of which country?
  2. Water Lilies are a set of paintings by which famous painter?
  3. Alexei, Ivan and Dmitri are brothers in which famous novel?
  4. Rahul Gandhi contested from Amethi and which other constituency in the Lok Sabha polls?
  5. Amarkantak is the origin of which river in India?
  6. Durmstrang is a fictional wizarding school in which series of books?
  7. Georges Remi was known by which famous name?

C. Logical Reasoning

In each of the questions, two statements are followed by two possible inferences. Assume the statements to be true and then mark your answers.
a. If only conclusion A follows.
b. If only conclusion B follows.
c. If neither A nor B follows.
d. If both A and B follow.

1. Statements:
All books are pencils.
All pencils are flowers.
a. All books are flowers.
b. Some flowers are books.

2. Statements:
Some pens are tables.
No table is blue.
a. No pen is blue.
b. No blue thing is pen.

D. One word substitution

Suitability, correctness – Propriety
Offer for acceptance – Proffer
The coming of an event – Advent
Lacking respect – Impious
Rush, flood – Spate

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