Competition Corner: October 2017

Prasoon Joshi, Censor Board ChiefA. Current Affairs

1. Who is the author of the book Godman To Tycoon?
2. Name the new Censor Board chief.
3. Which play of Brecht was performed at the NCPA recently?
4. Name the Vice President of India.DJ Calvin Harris
5. Who is the highest-paid DJ in the world?
6. Name the Indian scientist who won the Marconi Lifetime Award.
7. Who is the current chairman of Infosys?
8. Which footballer holds the world record of securing a 222 million Euro transfer from Barcelona to PSG?

1. Priyanka P. Narain, 2. Prasoon Joshi, 3. Mother Courage and Her Children, 4. M. Venkaiah Naidu, 5. Calvin Harris, 6. Thomas Kailath, 7. Nandan Nilekani, 8. Neymar

B. General Awareness (History)

1. King Harshavardhana’s capital was at
a. Prayag
b. Kannauj
c. Ujjain
d. Pataliputra

b. Kannauj

2. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?
a. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
b. Swami Vivekananda
c. Raja Rammohan Roy
d. None of these

a. Swami Dayanand Saraswati

3. Who was the founder of Ramkrishna Mission?
a. Ramkrishna Paramhans
b. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
c. Swami Vivekanand
d. Raja Rammohan Roy

d. Raja Rammohan Roy

4. Who was the founder of the Mauryan Empire?
a. Ashoka
b. Bindusar
c. Chandragupta
d. Pushyamitra

c. Chandragupta

5. Fahien visited India during the reign of
a. Harshavardhan
b. Ashok
c. Chandragupta II
d. None of these

a. Harshavardhan

6. The ancient name of Assam is
a. Pawa
b. Kamrup
c. Pippalivan
d. Ramgram

a. Pawa

Dilwara Temple architecture7. Dilwara temples are examples of
a. Jain architecture
b. Buddhist architecture
c. Mughal architecture
d. Sultanate architecture

b. Buddhist architecture

8. Chanakya was also known as
a. Bhattaswamin
b. Rajsekhara
c. Vishnugupta

c. Vishnugupta

9. Who is not associated with medicine in ancient times?
a. Dhanvantari
b. Charak
c. Susruta
d. Bhaskaracharya

c. Susruta

C. General Intelligence & Reasoning

Pick the odd man out from the options:
1. a. Copper b. Tin c. Brass d. Platinum

c. Brass

2. a. Mermaid b. Sphinx c. Unicorn d. Dinosaur

d. Dinosaur

3. a. 81:243 b. 16:64 c. 64:19 d. 25:75

c. 64:19

4. a. Tardy, b. Slow, c. Late, d. Tired

d. Tired

5. a. Confusion, b. Commotion, c. Annihilation

c. Annihilation

6. a. ZADE, b. CEGI, c. SUWY, d. MOQS


7. a. LIEN, b. LINE, c. LEAN, d. NILE


8. Breeze : Cyclone :: Drizzle : ?
a. Tsunami b. Storm c. Flood d. Downpour

d. Downpour

9. Reading : Knowledge :: Work : ?
a. Experience b. Expense c. Employment d. Experiment

a. Experience

6. This question consists of 6 statements (A, B, C, D, E & F) followed by options consisting of 3 statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument i.e. the 3rd statement is a conclusion drawn from the earlier 2 statements.
A. Bricks are not green
B. Some bricks are red
C. All green things are hard
D. Some bricks are not hard
E. No brick is hard
F. Some green are red
a. CEA b. BDC c. CBA d. EAC

a. CEA

Read the following information and answer the questions below:
(i) A joint family consists of three couples and four children who live in the same house.
(ii) P, Q, R and S are the four children and are all under twelve years of age.
(iii) R is S’s sister and P’s cousin
(iv) Q is P’s brother and R’s cousin
(v) P’s grandmother X has a son A and a son-in-law, J.
(vi) X and her husband Y have only two married children, one of each sex, A and B.
(vii) P is Y’s grandson, and B’s nephew.
(viii) K is B’s sister-in-law
(ix) S is A’s niece.

7. A is married to
a. B b. S c. J d. K

d. K

8. P is B’s
a. son b. daughter c. niece d. nephew

d. nephew

9. K is S’s
a. son b. daughter c. sister d. aunt

9. d

10. Q is Y’s
a. nephew b. sister c. son d. grandson

10. d

11. K is married to
a. A b. B c. X d. Y

11. a

D. One word substitutions

Illustration of old coupleThe science of study of old age and process of aging – Gerontology
Too formal and adhering too much to rules – Pedantic
Keeping bees for the honey they yield – Apiculture
Scientific study of fungi and their properties – Mycology
A member of the middle class – Bourgeois
Person whose remarks or unconventional actions could cause embarrassment – Enfant terrible
A doctrine opposing government interference in economic affairs – Laissez-faire

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