Dal Bhat For The Indian Soul

Noel Keymer needs little introduction. A well-known radio personality and educator, his last short story collection, Poison In The Tale, showed readers he’s a master of the fable with the twisted ending. His latest effort Dal Bhat For The Indian Soul continues in that vein, as Keymer plays a subtle cat and mouse game with his readers, with a set of stories, that more often than not, will leave you surprised and grinning when you finish them.

In this book, Keymer chronicles the unlikely friendship between himself and a witty rickshaw driver named Rasiklal. This memorable and sometimes hilarious collection of short stories stems from the interesting nuggets of wisdom shared between the two. The twenty plus stories introduce us to an array of colourful characters from all walks of life — ranging from college students to royalty to wacky villagers. The author touches upon the value of teaching and learning, love, marriage, being honest, thinking out of the box and even the importance of faith. Stories like The Wise Man’s Horse and The Gospel Truth cleverly illustrate how anyone can use positive thinking to improve their situation and change the world around them.

The young and the old alike will recognize themselves in all the stories, and the author imparts that it’s important to find the humour and a silver lining in whatever situation life throws at you. As he aptly writes in the story Failure — “Keep believing in yourself… and keep winning!” Given all that’s been happening in the world lately and the strange times we are living in, Dal Bhat For The Indian Soul is a much-needed deviation. The author’s life-affirming prose will soothe your soul, and will inspire and entertain you at the same time. If you’re looking for something to boost your spirits, look no further than this short collection.

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