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Darkness can be beautiful

I was in a glass bubble;
Looking through it
I saw a beautiful scene.
It was a place I had never been to.
Night sky was its beauty
I only could see through.
It was all dark and deep.
I looked around to see
It was a miracle
Because I was walking on water.
It illuminates as I walk through
Showing its different shades of blue.
I couldn’t touch it although
Sky was changing colour into blue
I didn’t dare move.
It became darker and darker
The colour of the sky matched the water
I couldn’t identify the horizon altogether.
The only light I could see was the stars
Tiny sparkles against the dark.
I closed my eyes and absorbed my surrounding
I lifted my eyes open and heard my own voice sing
I could see the water reflecting the sky.
Looking like a mirror with a small touch of light
And then I knew that darkness can be beautiful
But only with sparkles of light.