Reader's Blog

Dear reader…

Dear reader
I just wanted to let you know
That I am not afraid of what you think
I don’t care if you feel that I’m opinionated
I don’t care if you ever think that
My attitude is way ahead of my looks.

I might seem a little shy
But trust me,
You don’t want to give it a try.

So, hey! Listen up!
If judging me is all you can do,
You better prepare yourself
For there is something I wanted to tell you…

I was born in this world
Without any insecurities,
Without any guilt.
I am as rightful as you
To hold my head up high
And trace the path of success
With big, bold steps.

Dear reader
Yes, I am changing.
From a quiet, meek voice
To a full-fledged roar.
I will not let your impertinent comments
Get in my way of achieving what I was destined to.

You can word your opinions however you
Want to,
But I promise
That very moment,
You will get the true essence of
Real destruction.