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Indian clothes are beautiful. Our ethnic clothes have some of the best silhouettes. No matter what the occasion may be, there’s always an Indian silhouette to suit the moment. You can wear a comfortable desi outfit when you step out casually or a dazzling drape for one of the best parties.

There are numerous cuts and designs when it comes to desi wear and there are a number of ways to style them, too. But an Indian outfit can look a little plain which is why it’s important to know your desi accessories and the right way to style your outfits.

Accessories play an important role in our desi outfits; any mistakes can lead to fashion disasters while the right styling tips can work magic. But wearing Indian outfits means a lot of accessories to pick from and knowing the right way to style your ethnic look can be tough because of the different colour combinations and silhouettes, cuts, designs, fabrics, embroideries and work. Our accessories need to complement what we wear to enhance the way you look when you dress up desi style.

During every festival and traditional event, we need the perfect silhouette to look glam no matter what. Taking our fashion game a notch higher is not very easy when you have to play with desi outfits. Everything from our neckline to our hemline makes a big difference. When we talk about accessories, we’re not talking about just jewellery but also clutch or sling bags, belts, footwear, and basically anything and everything that goes with your outfit other than all those pieces of fabric. This can be very frustrating for those who are not very fashion conscious or fashion-forward. This is why we all need some styling tips every now and then to help us look gorgeous in our traditional attire. Here’s how to get your traditional looks right.

1. A drape is the perfect silhouette to wear a belt with. Adding a waist belt that cinches your outfit at the waist gives more shape to your look. Avoid picking a matching colour. Go with a contrasting belt that can complement your outfit or something basic like black, brown, gold, silver, etc. These shades are neutral and can be paired with anything and everything. You can always play around with a big bold belt on a plain saree and a thin minimalistic one on a heavy drape, too.

2. The dupatta is also an accessory and this is why we all need to own a few basic dupattas that can be paired with everything. A heavy embroidered or traditional work dupatta can be paired with a single tone outfit. This allows the design and shades of your dupatta to pop. You can always use a phulkari or a Kutchi work dupatta and pair it with a plain salwar kameez or churidar or even a palazzo suit.

3. Always pick the colour of your dupatta carefully. It should either match the colour of your bottoms or be in a contrasting shade. The current trend is of pairing an outfit with a contrasting dupatta. So, if you’re wearing a blue outfit, go with an orange dupatta or a peach coloured one. A contrasting shade adds a pop of colour to your look and makes it stand out.

4. Be mindful of your neckline when picking accessories. You cannot pair a necklace with a high neck or a boat-neck outfit. Pick a pair of heavy earrings when you wear a high neck outfit and with a lower neckline try a choker that brings attention to your collar bones.

5. Avoid heavy jewellery when you’re wearing a heavily embroidered outfit. This will make everything look too jumbled and chaotic and make a mess of your outfit. Keep your accessories minimal when you are wearing a heavy ensemble.

Indian statement earrings

6. Use statement earrings to bring attention to your face. Avoid wearing a big and flashy maang tikka if you have a narrow forehead because it will take the attention away from your face.

Clutch with Indian style work

7. Clutches are a classy accessory to carry around along with your traditional attire. It’s best to pick something that is hassle-free. Choose a clutch that has enough space for all your basics and is lightweight, with the option of adding a chain and turning it into a sling bag.

Indian hair accessory

8. Hair accessories are very much in trend these days. Pick a few clips and hairpins as well as other hair accessories to add to your hairstyles.

Indian style wedges

9. While it is really important to add the perfect footwear to the mix, it’s always best to pick something neutral and comfortable. Indian outfits can be a hassle for those who are not used to wearing them and it’s best to go with comfortable but chic footwear like a pair of beige wedges or platform or block heels depending on your comfort. Keep your outfit’s length in mind while picking your footwear.

Indian bangles

10. Many of us may have forgotten all about bangles! While they may seem like a hassle, they will enhance your traditional outfit. So, if you’re wearing anything that is not full-sleeved, add a set of bangles to complement your outfit.

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Janvi Manchanda doesn’t ‘love’ fashion, she ‘lives’ fashion. She says: “From your inner wear to your favourite leather jacket, it’s all fashion and how you wear it is style.”

Janvi Manchanda

Janvi Manchanda doesn’t ‘love’ fashion, she ‘lives’ fashion. She says: “From your inner wear to your favourite leather jacket, it’s all fashion and how you wear it is style.”