Digitalize your handwritten notes

Wacom Bamboo Spark NotebookThe Wacom Bamboo Spark Notebook picks up and stores the notes and doodles you make with a pen on standard A4 paper through the magic of Electro-Magnetic Resonance.

The smart folio on which the paper is laid contains an electro-magnetic resonance board, which is able to sense the location of the tip of the included Bamboo Spark ballpoint pen. This allows it to record pen strokes, and their position relative to one another on the page. When you finish a page of notes, just pressing a button will digitalize and store them in your Bamboo Spark. Up to 100 pages of data can be stored in the folio’s memory, then synced to an app on a paired iOS or Android device. You can further edit your notes and even play back the process of handwriting every note. The folio is charged via USB, and is good for 8 hours of use per charge