Youth Counselling

I don’t want to make new friends

I am a 13-year-old girl who has just entered my teenage. I spend most of my time alone. My friends this year are in different sections and both my parents are working. I thought I could spend this year alone as next year some of my friends would be with me. Six months have passed and I feel as if I am going into depression. At first I thought I was imagining it but then I checked on the internet and all the symptoms matched. I can’t talk about it to my mother as she would get worried and always keep me with her and she would not be able to work. I don’t want to make new friends as I have not moved on from the old ones and I don’t think I can trust anyone other than my friends. Other than my family I have no reason to live. What should I do?

Dear Siya, you are feeling lonely and depressed as your friends this year are in different sections and your parents are working and cannot spend much time with you. You have decided not to make new friends as you think that you cannot trust anyone except your old friends. You also believe that other than your family you have no reason to live. At the tender age of 13 you should remember that you are a child of God and that he loves you. He gave you your life, your family, your friends and everything else. The reason to live is that you belong to God and should please him. What God wants is that you love and care for those around you; therefore he wants you to make new friends, love them and care for them wherever you are. Move out of your loneliness; meet your new classmates and start relating lovingly to them. You will experience their love and affection and grow closer to God.