World’s smallest Bluetooth earbud

Dot bluetooth earbudIt’s called the Dot and developers at So Special Labs claim it’s the world’s smallest Bluetooth earbud.

The device weighs 3.5 gms and measures 0.54 inches wide and 0.83 inches long. It reportedly works for one hour of listening to music or 90 minutes of talk time. Its cylindrical portable charging case brings it up to full charge in 30 minutes and charges it up to six times a day. It also gets about 80 hours on standby. The Dot can be packaged as a single or stereo set. Its wireless Bluetooth 4.0 allows it to sync with a range of devices: Apple, Windows, Android, remembering up to eight devices. A single, multi-function button on the outside of the bud allows users to end and answer calls with one touch and one long touch to activate Apple’s Siri if an iPhone is connected.